Wyndham Vacation Ownership Timeshares Hiring!?

 Nov, 12 - 2011   no comments   Sell Timeshare Resales

At least one timeshare developer, Wyndham, has announced that it plans on hiring more sales personnel, staff, and management over the next three years. Adding jobs is good. But the number is disappointing to say the least. The press release said Wyndham timeshare giant plans on adding 231 workers through 2014.

According to the story, “Wyndham Vacation Ownership Inc. employs more than 897 employees and owns 155 vacation ownership resorts worldwide with more than 20,000 vacation property units.” While it looks like adding over 200 jobs is good, most of those jobs are in management. Only 34 of those jobs are in sales. That is a tiny amount compared to the size of the developer. Thirty four timeshare sales jobs scattered among 155 timeshare resorts is not much to crow about.

So what about the timeshare industry overall? The layoffs have stopped, timeshare jobs are plateaued, and timeshare sales growth is on hold until credit loosens up. Or maybe until the timeshare developers wise up and find better ways to fund their ongoing sales effort.

The timeshare resales market continues to grow and take market share away from the timeshare resort developers. If the timeshare developers will not help their owners sell their timeshares the timeshare resales companies will. The demand for timeshare resales is growing. Evidence of this fact is turning up in every timeshare study being conducted.

Timeshare resales make sense for everyone and can be a “win win” for buyer and seller.

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