Wyndham Vacation Ownership Timeshare – Complaints Filed With Florida Attorney General

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101 Wyndham timeshare owners from 17 states have filed a complaint through an attorney with the Florida Attorney General. Their complaint? Wyndham and their sales reps misrepresented what they were selling. The top two most often cited complaints were that a timeshare was a good investment, and that if they decided to sell their timeshare Wyndham would help them.

Quoting from the Orlando Sentinel: “Wyndham, for whatever reason, has chosen to make sure that there is no exit scenario for these clients whatsoever,” said Mike Finn of Finn Law Group in Largo. “I’ve done this because I feel bad that I have 100 clients that have paid me good money. … I just felt an obligation to go as far as I could.”

A timeshare should never be considered an investment. At least as far as resale value is concerned. The only “investment” aspect of a timeshare is paying for tomorrow’s vacations at today’s cost. There is a potential future savings on the cost of lodging on vacations. The key here is that it is a “potential” savings and it is in the future.

The true and best value of a timeshare is when you use it – regularly. The first time a year goes by and you lose a week of timeshare it becomes a big loser. Consider your maintenance fees for example. If you don’t use your timeshare for the maintenance fee you paid, you lose that fee. And that fee is skyrocketing faster than college tuition or the price of gold.

The best bet is to sell your timeshare if you feel it is a loser for you. Sell it. At least you can recoup some of your money and be done with the maintenance fees.

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