Construction at 281 Unit Timeshare Desert Blue by Wyndham Resumes

 May, 21 - 2013   no comments   Buy Timeshare Resale

A business review journal in Las Vegas has reported that Wyndham is resuming construction on their Desert Blue 281 timeshare unit project. Shut down about 5 years ago, Desert Blue is joining a flurry of construction activity in Las Vegas. Timeshare resorts are back in demand and the timeshare resort developers are rising to the occasion.

Las Vegas timeshares are a great timeshare buyers’ opportunity right now. There is a large supply of timeshares for sale by owner and they seem very motivated to sell. Sometimes timeshare owners are no longer able to travel, their schedule may not allow it, or they can’t afford to keep it. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of timeshares for sale by owner at a seriously reduced rate.

Consider this: Timeshares generally sell for 50% to 25% off the resort developers price. A timeshare resale will also usually give you all the rights and privileges given to the original owner. So if you can buy a timeshare for up to 50% off the price, why pay retail?

Here are some of the currently top selling timeshares in Las Vegas:

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