Why Buying a Timeshare Makes Sense

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Buying a timeshare makes sense. Especially if you can make your timeshare purchase away from the resort and make your decision at your leisure. You can do your homework and make your decision without the pressure of the on site sales staff.

Here is why buying a timeshare makes sense:

Primarily – because of price! You can buy the very same timeshare accommodations from an individual owner that you could purchase direct from a resort – but generally at the lower resale price. And, here is why:

High marketing cost is one of the underlying problems associated with both timeshare resales and new timeshares for sale. It is estimated that the marketing costs alone are over 40% of the new sales price paid by the consumer and these marketing costs are simply added to the retail price of the timeshare. Typically, the resale price does not include the high marketing costs that were included when the property was originally purchased.

Timeshare buyers have become more educated on vacation timeshare and understand that the resale price can be from 25% to 60% of what they would pay if they purchased at the retail price direct from the resort. Saving money by purchasing on a truly market-based pricing structure makes sense!


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