Where Are The Timeshare Jobs? Who is Hiring Time Share Sales?

 Jul, 05 - 2011   no comments   Sell Timeshare Resales

At first glance it seems sparse. The timeshare jobs bloggers search only turned up timeshare sales jobs in Canada and Greece. The European timeshare jobs outlook seems better than the US at the moment. I haven’t heard of many timeshare developers hiring on more sales staff. Perhaps a few rehires after the layoffs from 2010.

As always there will be room for a good closer in sales. But, as far as the support staff goes, everyone is streamlining their process, double tasking their employees, and keeping as many cuts in place as possible.

What about jobs in the timeshare resales market? Again, there is always room for a good sales person who good closing skills and  understands the market.

If you are considering entering or re-entering the timeshare resales industry look for a company like Resort Inventory International – a division of Stroman Realty, Inc. They offer a company experience that is long term, has credentials, and a high profile in the real estate market for timeshares. From the RPMLS.com website: “Stroman Realty has sold timeshare properties located in 25 countries with buyers and sellers in 94 countries in over 1331 different timeshare resorts. We also market on the Internet to those interested in timeshare vacations as a form of second home ownership. The internet has significantly enhanced marketing efforts nationally and worldwide.

Wayne Stroman has spent over 17 years assisting in building the Houston Association of REALTORS® (HAR), Multiple Listing Service (MLS) which is number one in the nation. The Houston Association is looked to by all other REALTOR® associations as having the most advanced technologies and membership rules that are broker, agent and consumer friendly. Their public website (www.HAR.com) has won numerous awards for innovation, unique visitors and best association website.

Having held numerous leadership positions in the Houston, Texas and National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), Mr. Stroman is leading the way for a new era of providing solutions for timeshare buyers, sellers and cooperating timeshare resale brokers. To succeed in such a diverse business says volumes about the quality of the people at Rii® Stroman.

We hope that after reading this timeshare vacations study you will have a greater understanding of this emerging market.”

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