What Are My Options For Selling My Timeshare?

 Dec, 27 - 2012   1 comment   Sell Timeshare Resales

When it comes to options for selling your timeshare there are essentially two. You can sell it yourself or you can hire someone to sell it for you.

If you want to sell it yourself you will need to advertise and let the world know it is for sale. You will have to negotiate the sale with your buyer, draw up a sales agreement satisfactory to both parties, locate a title company familiar with timeshare, track the sale through closing, and make certain the resort transfers ownership to the buyer.

If you hire someone to help you sell your timeshare some companies will only do advertising. All the rest would be up to you. On the other hand some companies handle the entire process for you. Your best bet would be a firm that has a long established network of sales agents, marketing and advertising specialists, title companies, and co-brokers to get the deal closed.

The only place that brings all these timeshare specialists in one network is at www.RPMLS.com. They have over $100 million in timeshare sales that have been produced as a result of their targeted marketing campaigns.

They also give you the option of paying no commissions when you handle the sale yourself. People are buying timeshares every day at www.RPMLS.com and if you are thinking of selling NOW is the time to get your timeshare on the market.

Get it done!

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  • Billy says:

    Sell my timeshare! I’d be so happy if i could sell it. Tired of maintenance fees with my timeshare. Is it hard to sell?

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