What Is My Timeshare’s Value? What’s It Worth?

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The true value of a timeshare is when you use it, enjoy it, and take advantage of all it has to offer. But what if you are not using your timeshare? What if you cannot get the exchanges you want from RCI or II? Maybe you are thinking of selling it but get nothing but negative news and advice on timeshare resales?

Well, here are some answers to all the above. Figuring out what your timeshare is worth is probably the most important first step in deciding even if you will sell your timeshare. You have to come to grips with the fact that the salesman who sold you your timeshare may not have been right if he said you could resell your timeshare at a profit someday.

Epcot at Night - Stay in a Timeshare and Save $Nobody wants to “give away” their timeshare for an extremely low price like you’d find on Ebay. What you’d need is a timeshare marketing specialist who can coach and help you along the way to figure out what you can expect to get for it. ARDA (American Resort Development Association) said a few years ago that timeshares sell for a discount of 25% to 50% of retail pricing – on an average. But, averages are not a lot of help when you own a Gold Crown or 5 Star resort in a great location that is under supplied and in strong demand. Perhaps you’ll fare much better than average. Get some professional advice from the timeshare experts at www.RPMLS.com. They’ve got combined centuries of experience in timeshare resales and know how to close deals, get the job done, and get you a check at closing without the hassles of dealing with the resort. So, What is your timeshare worth? It is worth getting real advice from professionals.

That’s a solution we could all live with!

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