Westgate Timeshare Partners With International Cruise & Excursions

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From BizJournals.com comes this story. International Cruise and Excursions has announced a deal with Westgate Timeshare Resorts. The Scottsdale firm focuses on cruise travel as well as sales and marketing programs centered around cruises. They plan on adding Westgate Timeshares (some twenty eight timeshare resorts) to their options for their members.

Westgate timeshare owners also stand to gain benefits from International Cruise with special cruise offerings. This is a great value added for both groups of members. Expanding benefits for travel membership groups like this is a benefit that helps hold in the often wavering owners or members. “The new Westgate Cruise & Travel Collection is a natural expansion of our very successful long term relationship with Westgate,” said Marcia Rowley, International Cruise’s co-founder and chief marketing officer.

While RCI and other timeshare points based programs are adding levels of “Platinum” benefits with extra fees, Westgate and ICE are offering a true benefit. A concept lost on the often fee hungry machine known as timeshare exchange companies.

Westgate timeshare resorts home page makes an offer of a $1,200 discount off an ICE Cruise if you deposit your week:

Sorry the image is kind of blurry but you get the idea. Their offer is active online today and I will be looking forward to feedback from timeshare owners who participate in this program.

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