I Want To Dump My Timeshare! What Do I Do?

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I want to dump my timeshare but I don’t know how to go about it.

When you say the phrase “dump my timeshare” you say two important things about the proposition. You want the timeshare out of your name fast and don’t expect anything in return.

No matter how you go about unloading your timeshare it is a slow process. The entire process can be maddening! All the way from deciding how to get rid of the timeshare, to negotiating the price or fee, to transferring the title you will find disinformation, confusion, endless forms to sign, and uninformed staff.

Then you get to deal with the resort itself. Most timeshare developers and their owner services staff have the “marriage vow” approach: “till death do us part”. Once they sell you a timeshare they count on you paying a maintenance fee every year forever. The entire financial timeshare model is based on everyone pays, everyone stays. When a timeshare owner approaches their owner services or management staff to take back or buy back their timeshare they are usually met with a blank stare or empty smile. The resort almost never has a reliable system in place to assist you in getting out of your timeshare. And if they do, they will have a hefty fee you must pay to seal the deal.

Now back to dump my timeshare fast. Once you have decided on the method you will use to get rid of the timeshare it will take anywhere from 3 months to 12 months (especially in Hawaii) to get it closed and transferred out of your name. You have absolutely no control over how long that will take.

The hard part is finding someone to take the timeshare. This is where the “you don’t expect anything in return” part comes in. If you want to dump timeshare fast, you won’t have time to find a buyer willing to pay a premium price. Some timeshares are even hard to sell for $1. You have to make up your mind that is okay that you will not get money back from anyone if you dump your timeshare. Your main desire is to make the skyrocketing maintenance fees go away. The longer you hold out expectations of getting cash for your timeshare, the longer you will be holding on to something that costs you money year after year.

There are numerous ways to legitimately dump your timeshare and it is best to rely on experts to get that job done for you. Timeshare brokers whose specialty is timeshare and have the necessary training are the ones who would be able to get the job done.

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