Vermont Timeshares – Danger From Flooding?

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Roads are washed out, flooded, covered with rock and mud, and some bridges are gone. Vermont is reeling from the flooding rains of Irene.

Roads Flooded All Across Vermont

Let’s take a look at some of the timeshare resorts in Vermont and see their potential for flooding. Smugglers’ Notch Timeshare Resort is in northern Vermont located on Hwy 108 (Mountain Road) in the Mt Mansfield State Forest. While flash floods may have been a danger, it does not appear to be close to major rivers. If you are still planning to go there check first to see if the roads are open.

The Trapp Family Lodge timeshare – while it may be in the mountains – may be difficult to get to given the large numbers of streams that are around it. Flash floods from the intense rain may have damaged Moscow Road, Barrows Road, Cottonbrook, or Trapp Hill Road. Always check first with Vermont Emergency Management before traveling.

Cedarbrook timeshare resort is located near Killington.  The same rules apply here as well. Flash floods can dump huge amounts of rock and mud onto roads. Be cautious if you must travel on these roads. It could also be that not every road problem has been reported. News sources are saying that over 200 roads and bridges have been damaged across the state. Countless more roads in Vermont will have rock slides, mudslides, and pothole hazards to contend with.

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