Ten Reasons to use a Timeshare Broker

Read the timeshare Sales Contract

Read the Timeshare Sales Contract

Its even better when they are also a REALTOR!

Over the years I’ve spoken to quite a number of timeshare owners who were Realtors. The problem was they assumed that getting their timeshare closed would be the same as selling a house. “I’ve done this hundreds of times!” they’d tell me.

But were they aware of the snags that could come up in the closing process – especially when there are multiple jurisdictions to consider?

When you get ready to sell your timeshare, it is best to use a timeshare Broker: Someone who has specific knowledge and experience getting timeshares closed whether they are located in Hawaii or Las Vegas.

selling how toAnd because they work on a sales commission, they will see the transaction through closing to make sure all parties get paid and the deal properly closed.

No Surprises.

So after thinking about it I came up with at least these nine reasons to use a timeshare resale broker when selling timeshare. Can you add a few more?

Personal Responsibility



Affiliation with Professional Associations

Networking Abilities

You’ll get more money

It will sell faster



Timeshare Specific Knowledge of Contracts and Transactions


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