Transfer Your Timeshare When You Sell Your Timeshare

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The radio waves are being inundated with offers to “transfer your timeshare”. What is the catch? You must pay them anywhere from $1,800 to $3,000 to take your timeshare and transfer it out of your name. The other catch is that you have no assurance the transfer will actually happen. They may offer an “Unconditional Money Back Guarantee” but what is that paper worth?

All too many times honest folks have paid that enormous fee only to find out that the company closed shop 3 months later, kept your money, and you are left hold the deed to a timeshare you thought you were getting rid of. Several prominent articles have been written about this latest timeshare scam sweeping our nation yet hundreds, if not thousands of people fall for this every day.

You need the confidence that comes by working through a network of licensed brokers and timeshare real estate professionals like at They run ads on many sites like Timesharelink and to name only two of the many where you will see your ad. With over 25 years of experience marketing timeshares and sales closing AND TRANSFERRING every day that is the kind of service you need. So why pay up to three grand if you can sell your timeshare in a reliable way AND get cash at closing? And speaking of cash, remember that when you get ready to sell, choosing a network of timeshare professionals should include Realtors because they always get more money for their owners than those who sell themselves. Positive equity is way better than negative equity because a licensed broker that is a REALTOR will get you more money at the sale funding.

Check out what the timeshare resales pros can do for you.  You can be confident that the largest and oldest network of brokers, title companies, sales reps, and escrow agencies are looking out for you.

If you’re not using your timeshare, why continue paying maintenance fees? Take action! Sell your timeshare on the resale market. And if you want to sell it fast, then your best bet is to get it out there in front of the largest number of buyers possible!

Also, take a look at their Timeshare Resale Vacation Buying Trends Study!

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