Top Ten California Timeshares Sold!

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Palm Springs VacationsIf you mention Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Newport Coast, or Carlsbad California images of great vacation moments come to mind. And that’s not just for residents of California. Vacations, travel, and tourism in California is a huge business. Total direct travel spending in California was $106.4 billion in 2014. Travel spending in California directly supported 917,000 jobs, with earnings of $32.3 billion. Luxury timeshare developments are still growing in their market share of tourism lodging for the state. In addition, timeshare resorts continue to report a higher occupancy rate and spending than hotels. By nature they always will! Timeshare owners have already paid for the privilege of staying at the resort and only have to keep maintenance fees up to date to use their timeshare. Once obligated by “owning a week” at a timeshare vacation travelers are more likely to use it.

Knowing which timeshare resorts are in demand in California does many things – especially for those who own timeshares in California. Most significantly it will let the timeshare owner know just how their timeshare ownership competes with others when it comes time to sell. Yes, everyone eventually parts with their timeshare one way or another. It is just a matter of time.

Not just another list, these ten timeshare resorts in California have proven themselves to be the best on the resales market. The list was generated from real sales data, not just “offers”. So here they are, California’s best timeshare resales based on number of units sold.

Marriott's Shadow Ridge Timeshare

Marriott’s Shadow Ridge Timeshare

Marriott’s Desert Springs Villas I and II – Surrounded by two 18 hole golf courses in Palm Desert, Marriott’s Desert Springs Villas timeshare sets the standard for quality, luxury, and great service.

Four Seasons Resort Aviara – Located in Carlsbad California, Four Seasons Aviara timeshare villas feature luxuriously appointed rooms, Arnold Palmer Championship Golf Course, breathtaking views, and unparalled service.

Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas – Newport Coast Villas timeshare is a beautiful resort situated on a majestic bluff overlooking Newport Beach and the Pacific Ocean. This timeshare resort is one of the top best sellers of all time!

Lawrence Welk Resort Villas – Famed for its golf and heritage Lawrence Welk Resort Villas timeshare is a year round vacation destination located in the heart of San Diego County.

Completing the list are Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort, Palm Canyon Resort and Spa, Hyatt Highlands Inn, San Luis Bay Inn, and Marriott’s Shadow Ridge.

Some of the most beautiful resort destinations on Earth are in California. Follow the links above for tons of photos and information about these great timeshares.

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