Timeshares Outperforming Hotels – Again!

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True to their past performance timeshares continue to outperform hotels for vacation travel by posting a satisfaction rate of 85% and beating hotel occupancy rates consistently by at least 20%.

In Hawaii for example their tourism enjoys a steady flow of visitors thanks to the owners of timeshares scattered across the islands. Timeshare owners account for the highest occupancy rates and most consistent tourists to Hawaii. Very few traditional hotels are being built there. Instead, the developers are concentrating on the timeshare developments to boost a more steady flow of income.

If you think about it timeshares offer so much more than hotels anyway. With a one or two bedroom timeshare you will also get master baths, extra space, a kitchen, laundry facilities, and all the comforts of home. A fully equipped kitchen with dining table and chairs always beats eating out of a box on your bed!

Then consider the locations for timeshare resorts. With well over 5,000 timeshares all over the world you can choose some of the most exotic and luxurious destinations on the planet. And at a discount!

The vacation cost savings of a timeshare can best be seen over time – especially if you buy your timeshare from a timeshare resale broker. Whether you are a seasoned timeshare owner or you are buying your first timeshare there is always something for you at www.RPMLS.com! Tons of information, interactive maps of resort areas, resort reviews, photos, and great prices!

Here’s how they make the case for timeshare ownership at RPMLS.com:

Discover the benefits of buying timeshares for resale at beautiful timeshare resorts where you can vacation a week at a time, 2 or 3 weeks at a time, or even 3 months at a time…  the choice is yours.  Timeshare is generally sold in weekly increments.

  • No more cramped, expensive hotel rooms.
  • No more last minute decisions on where to vacation.
  • No more reservation mix-ups or getting bumped due to overbooking.
  • Escape to your very own timeshare to enjoy memorable vacations year after year!

It Makes Sense!

  1. Arrange for your future vacations at today’s dollars.
  2. Buy only that time (or your share) of a beautiful, luxury resort that you can sensibly use.

Great Selection

Vacationers and timeshare brokers know the value of contacting RPMLS.com because the resale inventory is varied and constantly changes as buyers find their ideal properties, remove them from the market and then new sellers come in — listing their timeshare properties for sale. Buyers are able to find vacation condos that suit just about any vacation taste, style, price, quality, and location preference.

Great Amenities

The timeshares advertised for sale at RPMLS.com generally come fully equipped from the sheets on the beds to silverware in the kitchen. They usually have one, two or three bedrooms and baths with kitchens, living areas, dining areas, washers & dryers, and some have whirlpools, fireplaces, balconies and high-tech connections for the internet, etc. Many resorts offer tennis courts, golf courses, restaurants saunas, and athletic facilities. Your timeshare can offer you and your family not only that dream vacation you’ve wanted for so long – but also, all the conveniences of home!

Location, Location, Location

Also, great vacation destinations are limitless. You can buy or rent a timeshare located in great locations including:

…or any other fantastic vacation paradise – or just about anywhere in the world.

For Variety

Remember, once you become a timeshare owner, you can return to your retreat each year for the same pampered treatment. Or, if you prefer some variety and a change of scenery, you can simply swap or “exchange” your timeshare with one of hundreds of resort locations around the world. The ability to exchange is one of the major ingredients in timeshare purchasing.

So, enjoy browsing RPMLS.com. There are some excellent bargains and great timeshare condo deals available.

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  • […] to their past performance timeshares continue to outperform hotels for vacation travel by posting a satisfaction rate of 85% and beating hotel […]

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