Timeshares in Orlando – How Many Are There?

 Jan, 12 - 2013   no comments   Sell Timeshare

Who would want to know that number? What does it matter?

It is a matter of supply and demand. It matters to timeshare owners and those thinking of buying a timeshare in the near future.

A recent news release about a construction company in Winter Park Florida mentioned that they had built 12,000 timeshare units in the Orlando Area. When you figure that there are 52 unit weeks per unit that would add up to 624,000 unit weeks by that construction company alone. Estimates are hard to pin down but that company alone has contributed over a half million marketable weeks for sale there.

Here’s how that translates to timeshare owners and timeshare buyers. An oversupply of anything will push the prices down – especially on the resale market. This makes the Orlando area timeshare resale market slower and depresses the prices. It also has made the area a timeshare buyers’ market.

If you are selling your Orlando timeshare adjust your expectations for the process to take longer and get less for what you are selling. But if you are buying a timeshare in Orlando expect great prices, a quick process, and great selection of timeshares to choose from.

Above all else, do not pay retail. Buy your timeshare on the resales market and save a wad of CASH!

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