When Do Timeshares Make Sense?

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With all the debate and criticism of timeshares people want to know, “When Do Timeshares Make Sense?”

Timeshares make sense if you like to vacation in a specific spot every year at the same time.

Most people have vacation destination preferences. Some prefer mountainous areas, while some want to be on the beach. Some would rather vacation in a big exciting city like Las Vegas, others would want a secluded island in the Caribbean. If you buy a timeshare week at a resort in an area that suits you then you’ve made a good choice.

Sheraton Mountain Vista timeshare makes sense

At the same time, you will need to buy a timeshare week that matches up with your time off from work. Having a set week each year gives you the advantage of being to plan far ahead. But that only works if you can count on having that time off year after year. Timeshares work best for people with a predictable schedule.


Timeshares make sense if you buy it on the resale market.

Paying the full retail price on a week of timeshare will average well over 18,000! It makes no sense to pay full price for a timeshare when you can buy a timeshare on the resale market. Timeshare resales can score you anywhere from 50% to 75% off or better! You will save thousands if you buy your timeshare resale – from an owner. Of course the way to do that is through a timeshare resale broker.

Timeshares make sense if the maintenance fees are low.

You have very little control over how fast your maintenance fees go up year after year. But you do have control over which timeshare you buy in the first place. When you choose your timeshare be sure you know what the current fees are, how much they have been raised over the last few years, and that the fees are up to date on the timeshare you are considering buying.

Timeshares make sense if you use it.

Buying a timeshare and paying the fees is too much of an investment to not use it. Having the responsibility and headache of keeping up on the fees and special assessments is absurd if you do not use the week of vacation in your timeshare. That is the reason for the cost: to have an affordable place to vacation, in an area that you love, at a convenient time of the year, and has little or no hassle associated with using it.


A timeshare makes sense if you use it, if you buy it at a low price, has low fees, is in an area you enjoy, and your schedule is flexible enough to use it year after year!

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