Timeshare Values – Opinions on Price

What Is My Timeshare Week Worth?

These factors will drive the value of your timeshare week in the mind of the buyer. Most of the time a timeshare buyer will offer far less than you’d consider. The good news is at least they are interested in your timeshare week.

These 5 Things Will Change The Way You Value Your Timeshare

Once one of these circumstances take place you won’t value your timeshare like you used to. As life changes so do our vacations. Since timeshares fit a specific and narrow way to vacation, any change at all will determine whether or not you can still use your timeshare to vacation. The value is in the use.

They Said I Needed An Appraisal To Sell My Timeshare

Do I need an appraisal to sell my timeshare? Not sure it would be accurate? Getting an overinflated notion of you timeshares’ value is not the way to start off preparing to sell your timeshare. How would they do a timeshare appraisal anyway?

Timeshare Values – What’s It Worth?

What is your timeshare value to you? Save yourself some aggravation and time and price your timeshare to sell fast. You will be happier and the maintenance fees will go away.

Timeshare Points – Erosion of Timeshare Value

The pressure to convert your timeshare week to points is relentless. But the truth is you will have to buy more timeshare points over time to keep up with the inflation that is built in to points systems. Look behind the scenes at this sly approach to getting more money out of timeshare owners.

RedWeek.com Bait and Switch on Resale Value

So I’m going out on a limb today to call RedWeek.com’s bluff: Does their “Tool” perform as advertised? Here’s what it claims it will do for you – the selling timeshare owner: “This free tool gathers RedWeek.com resale data for any resort and shows owners the number of current resales posted, the median resale price, […]

My Timeshare is Worth How Much?

Nobody wants to “give away” their timeshare for an extremely low price like you’d find on Ebay. I wish someone could tell me what my timeshare is worth. Get expert advice on finding the right price to sell your timeshare.

How Much Can I Sell My Timeshare For?

What is your timeshare worth? The answer to those questions depends on several things. Everyone wants as much as possible for their timeshare. How much can you sell your timeshare for? Read on to find out.

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