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Instructional videos are not new. But in the world of timeshares, videos with good information for owners and buyers of timeshares are hard to find.  www.rpmls.com newest service features numerous videos from timeshare industry experts. They answer many questions timeshare owners are asking like: “What is my timeshare worth?”, “What are the options available to me if I want to sell my timeshare?”, “How do the resorts attract buyers for their properties?” and more.

For both sellers and buyers, there are selling and buying tips for many regions, resort families, and specific timeshare developments. For example, if you you’d like to sell your Disney Vacation Club timeshare, you’ll find a very encouraging message. If you want to buy or sell your timeshare in Orlando Florida, here’s the top two best sellers! There’s advice about Starwood points and options, Manhattan Club, RCI vs II, and Marriott Maui Ocean Club.

There are already 19 videos posted with more on the way.

And because it is in a blog format everyone can join in on the discussion with their comments about their timeshare experiences. The titles are key word searchable and categorized. For example, there are already three videos in the Starwood Timeshare Resort category discussing different aspects of Starwood timeshare resorts.

You’ll see real people offering real solutions. Not just another “dot com”.

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  • ThaMann says:

    I like to watch the timeshare resales videos and the buy timeshare resales videos. You can also find more videos on youtube about timeshare. They can be very informal. It’s nice to see proof that timeshares are being sold.

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