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Some time ago, Fox News ran a story entitled “Are Timeshare Vacations Worth Your Time?”. The story put timeshare users into three categories: owner, renter, and “moocher”. They discussed the pros and cons of each way to use a timeshare, with a lot of information about the best way to buy a timeshare. No doubt about it, you can buy a timeshare on the resales market for a fraction of the cost. And over time, it will factor into significant savings when you take the time to use the timeshare you purchased. When you buy a timeshare, you will be responsible for paying annual maintenance fees. But if you use the weeks you are allotted, you will absolutely save money.

Without going into an exact mathematical explanation, paying an average maintenance fee of $400 to $600 a year, plus the initial cost will end up being far less than the average rack rate at a nice resort timeshare. Plus you will receive 5 star service, amenities, pools, spas, golf, skiing, service, and more. Renting a timeshare is even better – if you can be more flexible and take the timeshare rental deals that come along. You will probably pay anywhere from $800 to $1200 a week for a 2 bedroom resort condo depending on the season, demand, and location. Still, far less than the going rate charged at the front desk.

So I’d say, timeshare vacations are worth the time, if you take the time to use the timeshare. These days, we could all probably use a vacation. Plus, using a timeshare, whether you buy a timeshare, or rent a timeshare, will save you a bundle. Be sure to check out these timeshare for sale and rent deals if you want to start saving on your next vacation! Great information here too for those who want to sell timeshare.

Be sure to read this report about timeshare resales trends – what they are selling for and where the “hot spots” are!

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