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Grand Timber Lodge Pool Snow Timeshare Discount

Grand Timber Lodge Pool

Planning for your vacation should not add stress to your already stressful life! The stress often comes from the “sticker shock” of booking a nice place to stay. Timeshare rentals will save you a bundle plus give you far greater space, nicer amenities, and always in a great location. Some may fear that timeshare rentals mean you will have to attend a “90 minute” presentation. But, timeshare rentals almost always come with no strings attached. For the summer of 2014 I booked a great timeshare rental in Orlando – getting a 2 bedroom condo at a 5 star resort with all the luxury amenities for about half of the rack rate! That’s a deal for sure.

Compare what you get when you rent a hotel vs a timeshare. First there’s the size of the room. A hotel will occasionally have a separate bedroom. A timeshare will always have separate bedrooms, plus a fully equipped kitchen, dishwasher, a washer/dryer, a ton of space, and room to relax. More room also means more separation from the lodging neighbors. That translates into peace and quiet.

ugly swimming poolEver been to a hotel that had the obligatory swimming pool? You know the kind I’m talking about. Green slime, broken tiles, and a large sign proclaiming “Swim at your own Risk!” What, a risk of alligators? The timeshare resort, Orange Lake Country Club Holiday Inn, has a spectacular water park. I stayed at Orange Lake a few years ago and their water park is first class, huge, well staffed, refreshments conveniently located, plenty of lounge chairs, and immaculately maintained. That does not sound like the average hotel to me.

So how do you find timeshare rentals? Take this shortcut to www.RPMLS.com to search for top shelf timeshare rentals at great prices. Right now there are still timeshare rentals available for fall weeks in Hawaii, Las Vegas, Orlando, Atlantic City, South Lake Tahoe, Myrtle Beach, San Francisco and others.

You can find timeshare rentals with resort names like Marriott, Westin, Sheraton, Wyndham, Westgate, Bluegreen, Palace Resorts, Hyatt, Manhattan Club, Disney, and more. You can be sure that these timeshare rentals go fast so call the timeshare rental pros at RPMLS.com to get your dream vacation booked. Timeshare vacation rentals will save you money!


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