Timeshare – A Hedge Against Vacation Inflation

 Jan, 11 - 2013   no comments   Sell Timeshare Resales

Since the 1970’s timeshare developers have pointed out the value of buying tomorrow’s vacation at today’s price.

In fact, that has been their strongest closing tool – explaining the cost savings of owning your vacation lodging instead of renting it. The assumption in that pitch is that you will use your timeshare every year.

The reality of life is that circumstances change. You cannot count on being able to vacation every year. Your schedule may not allow for advanced planning of your vacation that timeshares require.

However, if you can buy a timeshare at a fraction of the timeshare developers’ cost you can almost guarantee a serious vacation inflation discount. If you could purchase a timeshare for 25% to 50% off the retail price you would really save over time.

If you purchased and paid off your timeshare even ten years ago, the savings really start to add up – that is if you use the timeshare for your vacations. If not, the maintenance fees you pay each year hack away at your savings at a substantial rate.

If you want to save money, beat inflation, and vacation like royalty, buy a quality timeshare at a discount and use it!

You will find yourself vacationing more often and happier when it costs less.


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