Anyone Thinking of a Timeshare Vacation in Yemen?

 Feb, 17 - 2011   no comments   Sell Timeshare

Or maybe Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, or Bahrain?  Probably not.

Why not? The obvious reason: Civil unrest, violence, danger, things exploding around you, etc.

Any time there is a political uprising in a country, their travel and tourism totally goes away until things get back to normal. Closer to home, timeshares in Mexico have gotten a bad “aura” because of the violence we hear about every day in Mexico. Fortunately resort areas are shielded from a lot of the violence there. And Mexico vacations, especially at timeshare resorts, are still a super value. Just don’t plan on driving there.

Other circumstances can place negative pressure on travel destinations. Consider how Daytona Beach Florida was affected by the hurricanes of 2004.  They weathered several hurricanes in one season and the timeshare resorts took a while to recover as did most of their tourism. The town was seriously messed up and it took a while for anything to get back to normal. Visiting there one year after the storm, you could still see about one out of 10 resorts or hotels boarded up and no progress on restoration.

Well, it’s time to pack for my vacation. I’ll be staying at the Marriott Baghdad Resort and Spa. Ever hear of it?

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