Timeshare Scam Secrets Revealed!

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Secrets? Do you think there secrets among those in the timeshare sales business?

Not so much any longer! Thanks to some hard work in law enforcement the timeshare scam business is on the decline. Plus, the tricks of these fraudsters are coming to light.

Here are some of the top tricks telemarketers will use with you on the phone:

– You get an unexpected phone call at home and the caller says, “We already have a buyer for your timeshare! All you have to do is give us $2,000 by credit card and we will get it closed for you!”

– You get a postcard in the mail offering a guaranteed out for your timeshare ownership! You go to a meeting in a conference room in some hotel and they dazzle you with numbers. They convince you to pay them around $1,800 to take your timeshare off your hands. Months go by and you never hear from them again and you still have your timeshare. Your $1,800 is gone.

These resale scam secrets are not so secret any longer.

The best way to avoid the timeshare scams is to trust a reputable timeshare company with this asset that you want to sell. A timeshare resales company with real credentials, a real address, and a real identity!

www.RPMLS.com is such a timeshare company. Their credentials cannot be matched by anyone in the timeshare resales industry. They have sold over $100 million in timeshare resales. You are welcome to visit their office where they have been under the same management for over two decades!

www.RPMLS.com – Real timeshare service. Real timeshare solutions.

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