Timeshare Scam Employed 20 Orange County Work Release Inmates

 Jul, 14 - 2011   no comments   Sell Timeshare Resales

What do you get when you combine a timeshare scam with a credit interest marketing firm? H.E.S. Systems.

With about 70 employees they were systematically convincing timeshare owners that they had their timeshare sold and all they needed was a couple of thousand dollars to get it closed. They took the money and did nothing in return. Allegedly. They also were falsely claiming they could lower credit-card interest. So, here comes the Orlando Swat Team. Again. (source)

What they discovered was just what they expected. But with a twist. Twenty of the employees were inmates of Orange County Jail on a work release program. Somehow that just does not give anyone a warm fuzzy feeling.

The timeshare scam business is still thriving around Orlando. No matter how many arrests are made, no matter how much publicity those arrests and convictions receive, there seems to be no deterrent to this fast scam money business. Using inmates, undocumented immigrants, college students, or others who are vulnerable to this quick money scam there are plenty of people willing to do this.

Plus, with the millions of people who own timeshares in the US to pick from the pickings are easy if you are willing to lie and deal with rejection.

How can the legitimate timeshare resales business thrive with so many timeshare telemarketing fraudsters on the loose? With consistent and long term commitment to quality service, sales, and credentials.

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