New Timeshare Scam Lurking – “Fee Recovery” Service

timeshare telemarketing call fee recover scam

If You Answer This Call They Will Ask You For Money

Just as you sit down to dinner, the phone rings. The person on the other end of the line says “Congratulations”. We can recover any fees you have paid a timeshare resales company or fees to “transfer” your timeshare.”

At first you may think this is good news. You would not believe how many people have paid thousands of dollars in fees in an effort to unload their timeshare, only to experience no success. Fees were paid, and you are still holding the deed to your timeshare and paying the annual maintenance fees.

So this caller says, “For just $ XX we can recover all the fees you have paid to anyone to sell or transfer your timeshare”.  Now you are hopeful that you will at least get your money back. After paying the new fee, you never hear from them again.

Wait! Isn’t that what you were trying to avoid?

Still, the newest timeshare scam on the block could be the same company you paid one of those fees to in the first place. Just now they have a new company name, are claiming to have the ability to get your money back, and hit you again for more money – for nothing!

State Attorney Generals across the nation are getting complaint calls about this very scenario. Fraudulent timeshare resale companies that have been shut down are now taking those same names, calling them back, and hitting them again from a different angle.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Bait And Switch timeshare sales

We “Guarantee” you will lose on this deal!

Assuming you still want to unload your timeshare you should know that it is still possible. The problem is that your first experience or two were with companies or individuals who had no experience selling timeshares or who never had any intention of ever selling a timeshare.

The timeshare resale market is the fastest growing sector of timeshare sales. There are both new timeshare buyers and buyers who already own timeshares buying more of them. The market now is far better than the last several years, so now is the time to do it. Don’t let a negative experience poison the well for you. get your timeshare sold and be done with the whole ordeal.

Find a timeshare resales company you can trust. Check them out. Make sure they or their network of associated companies have succeeded in selling timeshares. Nothing speaks better about reputation than the successful sale of a timeshare.



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