Timeshare Scam – Defendant Getting Out Of Jail After 6 Years?

 Dec, 13 - 2012   no comments   Buy viagra in Netherlands

The biggest fraud defendant ever prosecuted in Chicago, to the tune of $340 million, is about to be set free.

Based on his latest plea deal, he will be let go to tend to his illnesses. No doubt the cancer and other problems he is facing is tough. But he has only paid back $50 million of the $349 he swindled 7,000 unsuspecting timeshare owners out of.

I am sure the victims would like to see their money paid back to them. In light of the defendant’s illness there is some mercy from the court. But I do not think he should be let off the hook without being held responsible for the money he defrauded timeshare owners out of.

If you own a timeshare, be suspicious of anyone claiming to have already sold your timeshare. Especially if the “catch” is that you have to send them money for closing costs, or other fees.

Guard yourself from timeshare fraud. Do your homework. Trust someone that is reliable, has a “brick and mortar” address and has been in business for more than 10 years. RPMLS.com is home to many such reliable timeshare specialists. They have the know how to get your timeshare sold, and are depended upon by thousands of timeshare owners and buyers for closing timeshare deals.

It just makes sense to trust someone with that much experience.


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