Timeshare Scam Alert! “We already have a buyer for your timeshare!”

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The most popularly used timeshare scam phrase of all time is something like this: “We already have a buyer for your timeshare!”

buyer for your timeshare

Out of the blue you will get an unsolicited phone call from someone who seems to know a lot about the timeshare you own. Quickly they will say they have a buyer already for your timeshare. They will make it a point to sound convincing. They’ll use timeshare  industry language and real estate terms to convince you they are legitimate. They will be very convincing. They may even convince you they work for your timeshare resort!

Lists of timeshare owners and their contact information are available for sale. Databases exist that have millions of timeshare owners in them. Depending on the quality of the list, names are for sale anywhere from 2 cents to over a dollar apiece. The industry inside joke is that if you have ever had a thought about a timeshare your name is on a list somewhere. Have you ever filled out a card at the mall for a chance to win a new car? If so, your name is on a timeshare prospect list.

Williamsburg Kingsgate Lake buyer for your timeshare

Being excited about having a buyer for your timeshare is a normal response. So it is easy to imagine getting confused about the actions that follow. Normally an offer on a timeshare will be followed by a “Contract to Buy” your property. No money from you would be required. The timeshare scam uses your joy over selling to convince you to send them thousands of dollars for closing costs, title search, advance fees, or other costs.

That is where they get you.

Naturally you will question why the buyer isn’t paying those costs. They will tell you that timeshare sales are traditionally sold this way or some other convincing reason. Thus, once you send them money, they are done with you. Your check will be cashed and you will never hear from them again. Also, they will probably move to a new location before too long to stay ahead of law enforcement.

One simple rule you need to follow here: Never send money to anyone for closing costs or title costs toBuy maxalt in Sweden. You may need to catch up maintenance fees but those you would pay directly to the resort or resort management. You are the owner, so you should be on the receiving end of the money flow!

Just remember, if someone calls you saying they already have a buyer for your timeshare and all you need to do is send money – they are lying.

Trust a timeshare resale broker to get the job done if you need to sell your timeshare.

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