Timeshare Scam Busted in Orlando

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Here comes another raid on a timeshare telemarketing boiler room. In Orlando. Surprised?

You should not be. Orlando seems to be home to lots of timeshare scam outfits. It is a familiar operation that they busted. A recent small company rents a suite, hires a dozen or so employees to make calls from a suspiciously obtained timeshare owners list, collects fees for absolutely nothing in return, and the timeshare owners get ripped off.

Fortunately, the state of Florida has cracked down on these timeshare scam operations. They give the licensed and reputable timeshare resale firms a bad reputation. If a timeshare resort will not sell your timeshare for you (and most will not) then who will they turn to?

From the Orlando Sentinel comes this quote from the story yesterday: “The raid happened in an office building on Hiawassee Boulevard in the MetroWest area. Police say the suite targeted was being used as a so-called “boiler room,” where telemarketers cold-called timeshare owners from illegally obtained lists, claiming to have a buyer for their vacation property.”

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