Beware of the Smiling Summertime Timeshare Salesman

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Why the Summer? Because you are in an elevated mood in a great environment and probably on vacation.

Why is the Salesman Smiling? He wants you to like and trust him. And he or she wants you to slide into a semi-hypnotic trance, abandon reason, and write him a check or give up a credit card number. Seriously!

Scams and legit sales efforts are everywhere. Especially at popular vacation spots. They want you to buy. They want you to sell. And they all want a piece of it. The absolute worst time to buy a timeshare is while you are on vacation. Smoke and mirrors are in full action and you can even end up getting the bait and switch. Yes that still happens. When you get your deed you realize you just bought a biannual use timeshare instead of annual. Or you just bought a timeshare in a poor location while signing the purchase papers in a beautiful location.

Happens every day.

So, what is a timeshare buyer or seller to do? Trust a timeshare resales network specialist. Do those even exist? Legitimate ones?

Yes. The one I recommend has been in business for decades, has sold timeshares in many countries, closed over $100 million in sales for the owners and made lots of buyers and sellers happy.

They are located at Proven resales and credentials in timeshare resales are hard to find. But these guys have them. Plus, their deep network of closers, title companies, escrow, and contacts at all resorts make them the most efficient choice.

What are some of those popular timeshare vacation spots? How about:

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