Did I Just Buy a Timeshare?

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My brain was in a hypnotic fog of happiness. A dream state if you will. I was at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and everything was perfect – except the 100 degree heat. The setting, the staff always being in character, the smells, the meticulously kept grounds, the music – a complete package to lure me into a state of wanting it all the time. Maybe like cocaine or heroin. I don’t really know. All I knew was that if an OPC or timeshare off site sales person were to ask me to attend a 90 minute presentation, I would say “yes, and may I have more?”

That is the lure. Or at least part of it. In other countries the timeshare lure may have been tequila plus the tropical paradise. I can not count how many times someone has told me that they got boozed up in paradise and when they sobered up found themselves in bed with a timeshare the next day. Yikes!

What is the pursuit? That’s the pitch. You and your significant other are across the table from a closer.  They try to convince you to buy with a myriad of reasons. They may try the math method of showing you how much money you will save over time. They may use the Exchange Company in their chase. You know, “You can get any resort you want in the world anytime you want it” pitch. Is that working out for anyone?

The hook is when you sign. Like fishing they sink the hook in your jaw with your signature and a veiled attempt to explain how to undo the transaction or rescind your sales agreement. Once the right of recission has passed you have no other alternative but to sell.

There you have it! A lifetime of guaranteed maintenance fee obligations with a hope of someday actually getting to use your timeshare as you planned.

If that is the case for you then you need to dump your timeshare. Not just giving it away, get something for it to assuage the pain of realizing it was the worse purchase decision of your life. You can sell it. You’ll need to use a timeshare resales network like those at RPMLS.com.

Get it done! Make that timeshare go away.

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