And Now For Part Three: WSJ advice on Timeshare Resales

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Part Three in WSJ’s blog on timeshare resales is entitled “Obtain a Valuation from a Licensed Real Estate Broker.” As I suspected they recommended that a timeshare owner get a Comparable Market Analysis from a broker to set the price for the timeshare resale.

The writer continued to say that “a legitimate real estate professional should be able to provide you with an estimation of value based on both recent sales and active listings for comparative vacation ownership products.”  (source) The number of timeshares on any MLS is tiny compared with the numbers of sales of residential homes. So to say that you can set a price based on closed sales data that may not exist is very misleading.

At best you can get an estimate based on the experience of thousands of other timeshare owners who have sold their timeshare either individually or through a broker. Where to find that data?  From a timeshare sales firm that has sold over $100 million in timeshare resales.

And by the way, at the end of part three of their series on timeshare resales they provide a link to a timeshare resales outfit in Florida who claim to have cornered the market on timeshare resales.  Good luck with that one guys.  How much did that blog article in the Wall Street Journal cost? Wow, WSJ selling ads on their own internal blog

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