What A Timeshare Resales Network Can Do For You

 May, 04 - 2013   no comments   Sell Timeshare Resales

If you need to sell your timeshare you need to get familiar with the term “Timeshare Network”.

Merriam – Webster defines a network as: a usually informally interconnected group or association of persons (as friends or professional colleagues)

In order to accomplish a timeshare sale on the resale market you need to have timeshare specialists working for you who have an established network of professionals who are all familiar with the quirks of getting timeshares sold, transferred, and closed.  Why could this be so important?

Lets just say that you live in Minnesota, own a timeshare in Hawaii, and your buyer lives in Texas. Can you name a title company who would be able to interpret the laws of each state, hold escrow, clear up any questions about who gets first use, banked weeks, maintenance fees, taxes, transferring of ownership, and present a clear title? That can be a tricky feat to accomplish.

That is why you need a Timeshare Resales Network of professionals who have been down this road before. They can get it done while leaving the competition in the dust.

The most experienced timeshare professionals in the resales business can be found at www.RPMLS.com. The depth of their contacts includes dozens of title companies, lawyers, brokers, sales agents, advertising, and more. This way when you enlist their help you can be sure that they can solve any problem that comes along during the sales process. Trust me, you do not want a novice working on your timeshare sale. There could be countless loose ends that never get fixed.


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