Timeshare Resale Market – What They Don’t Want You To Know

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timeshare resales 2017

Every year ARDA presents a report of how timeshare sales in the US fared the previous year.

The report for 2017 reveals there are over 9.2 million timeshare owners in the US. Timeshare resorts in the US were responsible for 500,000 jobs and produced a staggering revenue of $79.5 billion.

Yet as widespread and valuable as the timeshare industry is, the resort developers have yet to embrace the secondary market for timeshares or standardize how owners can sell their timeshare without losing their shirt.

For decades the resort developers have regarded timeshare resales as the enemy. They have also pledged year after year to clean up their act as far as sales tactics go. Apparently those changes have yet to be seen. Just last year there was a lawsuit settled between Arizona Attorney General and Diamond Resorts. This US Department of Justice website will stagger your imagination when you see the volume of legal trouble various timeshare schemers have gotten into: https://search.justice.gov/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&affiliate=justice&query=timeshare

While singing the praises of 2017 as a great year for selling timeshare, the last few words of the press release by ARDA on the subject gives a vague tip of the hat to helping owners by saying “and shut down fraud on our consumers..”

Does that mean their own fraud of misrepresentation and deceptive sales practices? Are they implying the secondary timeshare market – the ones who are trying to help timeshare owners get out of their timeshare when the home resort has turned their back on them? Are they talking about the lawsuits flying back and forth between attorneys and the owners they represent and timeshare developers?

I’m not denying there are ruthless people ripping desperate people off who want to dump their timeshare. There are also a few timeshare resale companies doing a great service for timeshare owners who the big corporate developers have abandoned.

The first concern of timeshare owners’ associations is that timeshare resorts must put a system in place for the owners when they decide to get out of their timeshare. The big corporations have all been avoiding timeshare resales for years and show no signs of addressing it as a group – only to warn all owners not to sell.

I can tell you by experience there is help and there is hope.

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