Timeshare Scams vs Legitimate Resales

Timeshare news is constantly inundated by bad news about timeshare scams (usually from somewhere in Florida). Unfortunately the reporters always use the words “Timeshare Resale” with scam, rather than simply “Telemarketing Scam”. The fraudsters running these telemarketing schemes also use their boiler room phone shops to sell credit repair, phony telephone plans, and who knows what else!  The Federal Trade Commission is putting the bad guys in jail. That is good news.

The problem this causes is that the legitimate Timeshare Resales companies, brokers, and title companies get the same label with the bad guys – no matter what their credentials or success rate is. One of the most often searched for terms on Google and Yahoo regarding timeshare is “timeshare scam” or “timeshare resale scam”. That is likely because so many of the fraudulent telemarketers of timeshare “sales” are ripping people off every day.

“The presence of fraud in one industry does not make all the industry a fraud.” That’s my quote but taken from a Latin phrase that has been lingering somewhere in my mind for several decades.

Just because there are bad guys purporting to be able to or have already sold your timeshare, does not mean that those who actually sell timeshares are fraudulent. If that were true then the thousands of timeshare owners whose timeshares have been successfully sold by timeshare resales professionals would not exist.

The timeshare resales industry is not a fraud. Nor is the entire timeshare industry. Just the bad guys make the news and that is unfortunate.

In fact, the fastest growing segment of timeshare buyers is current timeshare owners! People who own timeshares are buying more. If the experience of timeshare owners was as uniformly terrible as the press would have you to believe NO ONE would ever buy a second, third, or fourth timeshare. They would run.

Yet the fact remains. Thousands of happy timeshare owners buy more timeshares. Usually they buy them from other timeshare owners, not the timeshare resort. After all, would you rather pay a full retail price or buy on the resale market? Only if you want to save money and lots of it!

The good news is that there are Timeshare Resale Brokers, Timeshare Advertising Specialists, and others who have experience and systems to get timeshares sold every day. Yes, there are good guys out there. But no one wants to write about good news, only the bad.

Thank you to those who have standards, ethics, and ability to get the job done.

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