Timeshare Resale Price Trends 2003-2012 Study

 Jan, 30 - 2013   no comments   Sell Timeshare Resales

There are many reasons for the fall off in timeshare resale prices for the world as a whole in the last five years. Two of the biggest are the decline in the economy and the Relief companies that prey on timeshare owners. Another is the uncertainty about the future of the economy.

Buying timeshare vacations is buying future vacation accommodation rights with today’s dollar.  If you do not know where the value of the dollar will be down the road it’s hard to predict the savings today.  Additionally the proliferation of sophisticated online lodging rental sites that give consumers many different lodging choices at their finger tips did not help resale prices. They offer a wide variety of choices from the convenience of home, the office or even mobile that do not require long term commitment eliminating financial uncertainty in a short term lodging purchase. While many may prefer no commitment to second home ownership, for those that do, timeshare programs offer the simplest solution.

To read the whole article with stats and graphics go to: http://www.rpmls.com/Timeshare_Resale_Price_Trends_2003_2012_Study_Stroman.aspx


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