Timeshare Pricing Trends

Timeshare resales prices show signs of a slight recovery when comparing 2008 and 2009 resales data at Stroman Realty.  Sales data from the 2009 secondary market revealed a 4/10th of a percent increase in prices from 2008.  Although their August report said that the average timeshare resale price showed a larger percentage bounce, last quarter 2009 sales prices resulted in an almost flat price performance for the year.

The 2009 worldwide timeshare resale average prices are 14% ahead of the 2005 results at Stroman Realty.  During the same period, U.S. existing home sales prices decreased.

The stock market has showed a major rebound with the New York Stock Exchange boasting highs on the first trading day for the 2010 year.  In the business of selling timeshares on the secondary market.  Mr. Stroman believes it will take longer to see prices return to the 2007 levels.  This year could reveal marginal gains realized again.  For 2011 and beyond, the timeshare market should see moderate inflation and increased construction prices that should pull up resale pricing bolstering the value in resale timeshare purchasing.

In 2009, the highest priced property sold was Marriott’s Mountainside  in Park City Utah for $54,900 and closed by Coalition Title.

The state with the largest number of timeshare sales was California followed closely by Hawaii, then by Florida.  Dominating the California timeshare resales list were Marriott’s Newport Coast Villas, Marriott’s Desert Springs Villas,  Four Seasons Aviara, and Marriott’s Shadow Ridge.  At the top of the Hawaiian timeshare resales list were Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas, Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club and Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club.  In 2009, Florida Marriott’s Grande Vista Resort beat out previous repeat top seller Sheraton’s Vistana Orlando.

timeshare resales prices2

The worldwide timeshare resale adjusted average sales price numbers for each of the last five years from 2005 through 2009 are as follows:

2005     $7,710.90
2006     $8,001.50
2007     $9,877.10
2008     $8,775.20
2009     $8,809.91

The 2009 average timeshare resale prices in some categories of interest were:

The California timeshare resale price was $9,092.41.

The 2 bedroom worldwide timeshare resale price was $9,669.14.

The 2 bedroom Hawaiian timeshare resale price was $14,401.20.

The 2 bedroom Caribbean timeshare resale price was $13,288.71.

For those who have been thinking of selling their timeshare this may be a good time to sell.

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