Timeshare Presentation Gifts – Worth 90 Minutes?

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“All you have to do is attend a 90 minute timeshare presentation and you will receive this fabulous gift!”

Timeshare presentation gifts range from goofy to the absurd!

But in order to fill a room with prospective buyers, off premises sales people will offer a huge variety of gifts or incentives.

The timeshare resort is so desperate to get you there that they on average will spend 50% of the sales price of the timeshare just to get you there in the first place!

Recently at the mall I was handed this:

timeshare presentation gift

I especially loved the disclaimer “this is not a timeshare” blah blah blah. Of course it will eventually lead to a timeshare presentation where you will be held hostage for at least 90 minutes. Often they will take turns on pitching you for 4 hours or more.

The offer of a free vacation to the Bahamas is enticing! Who wouldn’t want to get in on a deal like that?! But when you add up the taxes, travel, meals, and fees you will be paying a hefty amount on something that at first looks like it is free.

In addition, you can rest assured you will be sitting in a group at some point and forced to listen to a timeshare pitch. No escaping!

Timeshare presentation gifts


“But what if they give me the air fare for free?”

You mean like in the postcards in your mailbox?

I received this post card a while back that promised air fare and a 6 night 7 day cruise! The fine print on the other side I would be paying for their “all – inclusive” fee for meals, drinks, towels, water, and so on.

And again it is like they say in Las Vegas, “the house always wins.” Timeshare presentations are designed to get you to the point where the only you can escape or make them stop is to say YES!

timeshare presentation gifts

Grandfather Clock

My very first timeshare presentation to attend was in Hilton Head, South Carolina. I was promised a grandfather clock. The photo made it look absolutely magnificent. Fine hardwood encasement and Swiss clock works.

When I left the presentation with my gift it was folded up in a flat cardboard box like a pizza. Opening the box revealed my grandfather clock: Interlocking cardboard pieces with a tiny clock to stick in the face of it. The joke was on me.

The $100 gift card

They will promise you a card that is as good as cash. You would be able to use it like a prepaid debit card. Instead, what you get is a series of online forms to qualify for discounted meals, car rentals, and hotels. It will never be an actual gift card!

Tickets to a Show or Dinner

Yes this one usually pans out okay. If you like old and washed up magical acts, and waaaay off Broadway shows and music acts. The best free tickets I ever got in Las Vegas were to see the Village People, KC Sunshine, and Cher.

The free dinner is also a delirium inducing hassle. EVERYONE will have been given tickets to this free dinner and the place will have 300 people waiting for a seat at the 20 table restaurant.

The Bottom Line

You can go to the timeshare presentation – just keep saying no. You don’t necessarily have to tell them you will never buy. But be prepared for a long line of people pitching you heat until one of them gives up. And yes, you will get the gift.

The Alternative to a Timeshare Presentation?

Buy your timeshare from another owner who just wants to dump it. You will pay far less and have access to all the normal amenities. Plus, buy your timeshare through a timeshare resale broker. They will help you find the best deal, negotiate it, and make sure it successfully closes. You may not score tickets to a show or a grandfather clock but you’ll get a great deal on a timeshare with absolutely no hassles.

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