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How do I prepare for my first timeshare trip and timeshare pitch? Are you about to pack your bags for a free fun weekend at a timeshare resort? Be sure to leave room for a few suggestions so that your stay and return trip will both be a pleasant one.

The timeshare pitch should not be the focus of your vacation. And if it is, the main reason for going on vacation has been lost to anxiety.

timeshare pitch on beach vacation

Everyone has some anxiety about the 90 minute timeshare sales presentation. After all, it is the subject of comedy and ridicule every where you look. The main anxiety is over facing the pressure to buy something you don’t plan to buy. So most of us just said, “I’ll just keep saying NO and stick to my guns!” Lots of timeshare owners had that strategy and still bought. So here are some of the key phrases and concepts that timeshare sales managers will use to prepare you to say “YES” and what they really mean:

During the presentation they will tell you:

“Timeshare is a great investment. It will grow in value over the years”  No it won’t. Timeshares are a terrible investment in the traditional sense. They quickly plummet in value as soon as the ink is dry on the sales contract.

timeshare pitch today only

“If you don’t buy today you will never get a deal like this again.”  This worn out phrase trips up people every day. Thinking that this is a chance of a lifetime makes people do dumb things. Deals like this will be offered there 7 days a week.

“You will be able to travel to anywhere in the world you want – even Hawaii!” Maybe if you bought in Hawaii. Most timeshares sold in the US and Mexico won’t even get you past California, much less all the way to Hawaii.

It is very easy to exchange your week any time you want.” Time share exchanges are one of the most frustrating aspects of timeshare ownership. Never seems to work, takes too much time in advance to get something decent, or not worth the extra fees are just a few of the complaints I have heard about getting timeshare exchanges to work.

“You can rent it out for a profit.”  Not likely to happen. The resorts put so many roadblocks in your way that it make it hard to rent out to someone else. They want the unit occupied by someone they put in it for an extra fee.

“Affordable annual fees” The biggest whopper of all. Maintenance fees will go up every year. How fast the fees go up are supposed to be regulated by state laws but always end up favoring the politically connected resort developers. Plus if a Special Assessment hits you be ready for a shock!

“My manager has some special offers for you!” Upgrades, discounts, tickets, dinners! No one has ever gotten this much attention from the Manager! At least not since yesterday . . .

If you still haven’t said yes to their offer, they will create a fight between couples when the dominant partner is in favor of buying, or use humiliation or bullying phrases “A real man would . . .   A decent father would . . . Everyone else has a vacation home.” In short, it is a form of bullying, “a pattern of behavior that is intended to intimidate, offend, degrade or humiliate a particular person or group of people.”

Now you are prepared to go on a timeshare trip/vacation. At least you know how to answer the barrage of questions and what they really mean when they say something.

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  • Timeshare Traveller says:

    All too often this is what happens “In many cases, people have been kept in a room for over 10 hours, not given water, not eaten, they are exhausted and sign contracts just to get out of there. At least once a month someone comes to us who owes over $150,000 in timeshare debt. We have met people owe more than what their house is worth, it is so scary,” Morse underscores. From Kiplinger’s Personal Finance https://www.kiplinger.com/article/retirement/T059-C032-S014-timeshare-nightmares-don-t-let-this-happen-to-you.html

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