For Timeshare Owners – Information is Power

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For timeshare owners, information is power. Information about their resort, the developer, the property owners’ association and the timeshare market. In the timeshare market, reliable information is hard to come by. There are a lot of myths and propaganda about timeshare values, exchanges, and other concerns.

A few years ago Stroman Realty, Inc published a lengthy study “Timeshare Resale Vacation Buying Trends: A 2003 – 2007 Study.”

The company conducting the study stated in the beginning of their report “Resort Inventory International, Rii®, is a division of Stroman Realty, Inc. Now celebrating its 30th anniversary, Rii® has conducted this internal timeshare vacations study using thousands of in-house timeshare resale transactions.

Stroman Realty has sold timeshare properties located in 25 countries with buyers and sellers in 94 countries in over 1331 different timeshare resorts.”

Very few agents like those at are Realtors® protecting Timeshare buyers and sellers with strict ethics like with a house in the transaction. Some have been Realtors® since 1979.

Highlights worth checking out include: Reasons People Sell Their Timeshare Vacations, Types of Timeshare Resellers, Top Ten Best Selling Resorts, and Misconceptions of  Timeshare Resale Vacations Industry.

Also interesting are the various graphs depicting countries, number of bedrooms, Canada, Mexico, and Hawaiian timeshare sales.

The report also explains how no one else had ever produced such a study based on actual closed timeshare sales “As of this writing the authors know of no such work product study, or any similar type of document that uses actual timeshare resale data. The few prior references to resales in other studies were extremely limited. Further, sample sizes were small as to not be statistically significant.”

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