People Make the Network – Not Just Cables and Components

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Shell Vacation Club Mountainside Lodge - Whistler

Shell Vacation Club Mountainside Lodge – Whistler

Timeshare solutions. That’s what people in the market to buy or sell timeshare are looking for. Not more problems.

The kind of network I am talking about combines technology with personal links. If you want to sell your timeshare you need more than a good website. You need PEOPLE linked together in a personal network of title companies, escrow, front line sales at the timeshare resort, timeshare owners, developers, and marketing experts.

One place combines all the above: The network of timeshare experts at links together timeshare experts in every aspect of the timeshare world. They combine that with an excellent web platform to give a huge amount of information to buyers and sellers, brokers, and all those who make it all come together with successful sales.

Hawaii Beach Big Island timeshareFiguring out the logistics of closing timeshare deals across state and international lines is not enough. You need to have a trusted source of information, advice, and negotiating skills. That is even harder to find. Yet it can be done. In fact it is done every day. This “trust” I am talking about is not just handed over blindly from one party to another. It has to be earned. But when doing business over the phone it is hard to establish. That’s where valid credentials come in to play. If someone says they are “licensed, bonded, and insured” when it comes to a timeshare deal – to me that sounds more like they are a pawn broker than a timeshare sales expert. I have nothing against pawn brokers – I’d just rather have a timeshare resales specialist who has regular training, held to a higher standard of ethics, and is required to stay educated on the laws of their profession.  Fingerprints on file? Realtors have that too! That’s where the trust and accountability issue gets resolved once and for all.

From a buyers’ perspective you can see all the newest timeshares for sale through their RSS feed of timeshares just listed for sale. You can browse for timeshares for sale by map, developer’s name, state, or search by resort name. Helpful tools include a comprehensive timeshare buyers guide, timeshare sellers guide, FAQ’s for buyers and sellers, vacation area guides and much more!

This description from the front page of sums it up:  “The centralized database provides access to those looking to buy a timeshare resale for their own use. In fact, the database currently has listed over 100,187 people who have contacted us with an interest in buying or renting a timeshare.”

Those are the timeshare network selling solutions we need!

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