Timeshare And The Internet – Junk, Junk, and More Junk

 Jul, 17 - 2013   1 comment   Sell Timeshare Resales

I search the internet daily for news about timeshare resorts, timeshare developers, investments being made for capital improvements at timeshare resorts and most of the time I find junk. Is it just me or is the web being overtaken by an automatic article writer that posts the same story on 50 websites every day filled with useless information, SEO key words, unreadable grammar, and pumped with links to everything ranging to weight loss to bankruptcy advice?

Most of the websites that publish such inane drivel are free press release churning engines. One article is written and simultaneously launched on a dozen free press release websites. The result is a Google search dominated by the same story duplicated over and over on multitudes of pages. What ever happened to the fear of duplicate content?

I guess there’s no fear of duplicate content if you expect your Google search results to have the life expectancy of a Mayfly. The Mayfly? These are aquatic insects.The lifespan of an adult mayfly can vary from just 30 minutes to one day depending on the species. The primary function of the adult mayfly is reproduction. About 2500 species of mayfly are known worldwide. That’s about how long the effect is on useless timeshare information articles.

There are a few blogs and news sites that consistently produce good fresh content about a serious business and personal advice service on timeshares.

Kudos to those who provide it!


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  • If you dont believe it, google this phrase:

    State of the Vacation Timeshare Industry: United States Study 2011 Edition conducted by Ernst & Young

    The press release was this morning with this title and there are already over a dozen web news machines cranking out multiple posts on this timeshare news.


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