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While in Maui, you simply must take a drive. It will not be like any drive you have taken before. Drive along the coast clinging onto a cliff and taking in the sights. Buckle up, drive safely, but be prepared for and eyeful of tropical ocean scenery!

What else? I’d say, watch the sun rise over Haleakala. In ancient times the summit of Haleakala was only for the kahuna (priests) and their haumana (students) where they lived and studied initiation rites and practices. Today, the summit is one of the most popular destinations for visitors to Maui.

Last, I’d recommend the beach. Just go. Any beach. There are more than 80 beaches on Maui and 120 miles of coastline. The beaches come in sands of gold, black, green, red and pure, shimmering white.

Here (in the linked page) is an extensive guide to Maui! Maui Timeshare Vacations.

Marriott Maui Ocean Club's Pool Area Sunset

Marriott Maui Ocean Club’s Pool Area Sunset

With detailed descriptions of things to do in Maui, area attractions, lodging, and areas of special interests this Maui Timeshare Guide has everything the savvy timeshare traveler needs to know!

This guide also leads you to the best rated timeshares on the island of Maui with deep discounts to boot. Lodging can be quite expensive on this tropical island. But by using a timeshare, whether owning or renting, you  will save a pile of money. Plus you will have much more space, laundry facilities, a full kitchen, and room for all your friends and family. Timeshare resorts also host tons of activities for every group you can imagine. Pour all of that into one of the most exotic and tropical destinations in the world and you have the perfect timeshare vacation at a great price.

Here are some of the hottest selling timeshare resales in Maui:

Marriott Maui Ocean Club Snapshot

Marriott Maui Ocean Club Snapshot

The best selling timeshare you will find in Maui is Marriott Maui Ocean Club. When you combine the excellent service and reputation of Marriott resorts with Maui you get a winning combination for sure. Why not plan a Hawaii vacation for your next trip? Hard to beat a deal like that!

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