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Discount Rates! (small print = increased fees)

With a timeshare the fees are typical to any resort stay over a weeks time. For a week at a timeshare you will usually encounter a cleanup fee, tips, maintenance fee, the occasional special assessment fee, taxes, and just a few other nuisance fees.

aircraft 747Lately the major airlines are boasting and advertising their Discount Air Fare Rates! Wow! Right now Southwest Airlines is offering super discount fees starting at $59 one way and major discounts on dozens of destinations. Southwest had a huge increase of traffic in June of 7.5 percent and has become a true darling of Wall Street.

What about fees? On the normal ticket you will find a take-off and landing tax. What if you did not take off and just used the freeway to taxi to your destination? Let’s try that next time. What about the infamous “airport-assessed passenger facility fee (PFC) of up to $9”? ?  How about the $5 9.11 Security fee?

On to other airlines who have the same fees plus: Extra legroom fee of $79 – I remember when they used to ask for volunteers to sit on the emergency exit row. Plus you were responsible for making sure the emergency door was opened in case of emergency landings, crashes, etc. What if you checked bag is one pound overweight? That will be an extra fee of $100? Wow! The pound limit set by the ??? is 70 pounds and this one was 51 pounds – one pound over their self imposed limit of $50! Soda and peanuts, that is extra too. Want a comfy tiny blanket and pillow the size of an envelope? That will cost you too.

What is next? Charging to use the bathroom!?! Pet aboard fee, the unaccompanied minor fee, carry on bag fee, Wi-Fi fee, headset fee, the $8 for airplane food fee (some have actually eaten that stuff?), the select your seat fee, and the all so popular ticket hold fee. I think the airlines wins the “Most Fees Award”! The prize? A raspberry. And I don’t mean the kind you eat.

Vacation travel is hassle enough without the airlines adding in fees like this. In fact TheAtlantic.com reported in June that income from airline fees in 2013 hit $5.7 Billion. BILLION!!!!!!!

bankBank and Credit Card Fees:  The annual fee, overdraft fees, transaction fee (from ATMs), foreign purchase fee, stop payment fee, wire transfer incoming domestic/internal transfer, safe deposit box annual rental fee, 60 day late fee, 90 day late fee, key deposit fee, key replacement fee, and so on.

Cable TV Fees: franchise fee, activation fee, cancellation fee, service call fee, activating two services at once fee, installation fee, federal tax, state tax, local tax, regulatory recovery fee, Universal Connectivity Charge (or Federal Universal Service Fund), state and local 911 tax, federal excise tax, state and local sales tax, gross receipts taxes, state and local utility taxes, and state communication service tax.

Now you should not feel so bad about paying a maintenance fee for a luxurious timeshare resort. Even though the fee seems to up as fast as the space shuttle, at least you are getting something for it.

If you are tired of paying the maintenance fee, just sell the @%&*!?! timeshare.  Now. Get it done. Here’s where to sell your timeshare. No hassles, licensed staff, a long history, and credentials that would impress anyone.

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