Timeshare Exchange – Frustration Leads To Refund

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Action 9 News out of Charlotte, NC posted a story recently about a new timeshare owner who was having a tough time using his timeshare. He had recently purchased a Wyndham timeshare that consisted of points. Apparently he had tried five times to use his Wyndham points to book a vacation in several different destinations. The answer Wyndham gave him was that he did not have enough points to get what he wanted.

In the end Wyndham refunded his “deposit” (cash deposit) and allowed him to break his contract – giving the timeshare rights back to Wyndham. The main complaint of the new timeshare owner was that when he bought his timeshare the main selling point to him was the ability to exchange his timeshare anywhere in the world. The ability to exchange a timeshare is the most powerful closing tool a timeshare sales person has. Even if the timeshare you are buying is not in a very desirable place you will be told you can go anywhere in the world with your timeshare by exchanging it.

The problem with using the exchange option of a timeshare as a selling tool is that the buyer almost never has enough information about how the exchange process works before being pressured into buying a timeshare. I bet there are some long term timeshare owners who still don’t understand the process of exchanging a timeshare and can’t make it work for them.

If prospective timeshare buyers knew what it takes to get a timeshare exchange that you want, fewer would end up buying a timeshare.

If you have reached the end of your rope with your timeshare and not being able to exchange it, Sell Your Timeshare.

You will be glad you did!


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