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Sheraton Mountain VistaThe hotel and leisure industry is one of the more studied service industries in the US.

For many years now, timeshares have consistently outperformed hotels when it comes to rates of occupancy. Generally, around 10% better.

Having a ten percent higher occupancy rate equates to hundreds of millions of dollars in additional revenue for the resort/hotel developers. That is why Hawaii virtually quit building hotels 15 years ago and continued building new timeshare resort towers and converting hotels into timeshares.

In Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Sheraton Steamboat Resort (a true ski-in/ski-out) features 244 hotel rooms and less than 10% timeshare units. Recently, Sheraton has announced it will convert all the remaining hotel rooms into timeshares. The hotel will lose their huge conference space, but will gain perhaps 10% higher occupancy and more repeat customers.

Manhattan Club Timeshare Resort

Manhattan Club Timeshare Resort

In the recent past every major developer has converted hotels into timeshare, bought hotels and converted them in to timeshares, or bought hotels – bulldozed them down and built a new timeshare resort.

Hotels are just not as profitable and few want to build more of them. Especially where the real estate is scarce and very expensive like Aspen, San Francisco, New York City, and Hawaii.

Over the last many years timeshares have proven themselves to have consistently higher occupancy rates and other measurable high performance numbers.

Don’t be surprised when more well known hotels convert more of their rooms to timeshare units.

It just makes sense.

AND, it will be good for you as a timeshare owner – giving more and more varied choices.

The hottest selling Colorado timeshare resales resorts of all time: Celebrity Resorts Steamboat, Sunburst Condominiums, Thunder Mountain Condominium, Ski Time Square, Alpine Ridge, Grand Timber Lodge, Christie Lodge-Phase 1, Wyndham Pagosa, Falcon Point,  and Eagle Point.

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