Timeshare – Economic and Environmental Impact

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Do you live near a timeshare resort?

Have you ever wondered what your timeshare resort contributes to your economy, your neighborhood or your state?

A study less than 6 months old revealed that in the US timeshare resorts contribute $68.7 billion to our economy!  Timeshares employ nearly 475,000 people and produce $23.6 billion in income. Timeshares contribute to their surroundings with jobs, taxes, additional tourism, and spending by vacationers.

The tax revenue alone soared to $8.5 billion in 2014.

The report was conducted by Ernst & Young – regular contributors to knowledge of the timeshare industry worldwide.

When a major developer proposes a new facility, don’t just consider the environmental impact, look at how your area will improve economically. Jobs, spending by vacationers, and taxes can give a strong injection of cash into your municipal, county, and state government. That will support fire and rescue, law enforcement, and many services we take for granted.

This data is not lost on the state of Hawaii, for example. A monumental amount of their income across the islands comes from tourism and the dollars or yen or euros they spend.

According to HawaiiBusiness.com, “No stand alone hotels are being built today while almost every other form of visitor accommodation has grown including condominium hotels, hostels, vacation rentals, and more importantly, timeshares. As the number of hotel rooms fell over the past decade, timeshare’s share of the overall hospitality inventory doubled.” It should also be noted that timeshare occupancy stays at a steady 90% or better year after year, no matter what the economy is doing. This beats hotels into the ground!

Major developers are deeply invested in making a healthy environmental impact as well. Take Marriott Vacation Club for example.

Marriott Towel Recycling

Marriott Towel Recycling

Here are their stated goals:

  • Further reduce energy and water consumption 20% by 2020 (Energy 20 percent per kWh/conditioned m2;
    Water 20 percent per occupied room (POR). Baseline: 2007);
  • Empower our hotel development partners to build green hotels;
  • Green our multi-billion dollar supply chain;
  • Educate and inspire associates and guests to conserve and preserve;
  • Address environmental challenges through innovative conservation initiatives including rainforest
    protection and water conservation.

Marriott Towel Recycling3Simple things like this towel recycling statement raise awareness of both the guests and the housekeeping staff.

Big business realizes that they do not operate in a vacuum. Their guests and customers often consider the efforts made by the hospitality industry to be sensitive to their concerns.

That generates loyal customers and repeat business. That translates into dollars not needed on marketing for new clients.


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