The Timeshare Dump Exit Cancel Quit Escape Options!

The Timeshare Guarantee Exit Program

You have probably heard about timeshare exit programs. Most of what you have heard was probably negative. But for thousands of people who got rid of their timeshare it was a huge positive experience. Here’s the only way anyone can guarantee an exit for your timeshare.

Dump Your Timeshare! It’s Not Home Sweet Home

How to dump your timeshare. Expert advice for timeshare owners on how to safely dump timeshare. Don’t get emotionally attached to a timeshare resort. After all, it is not home sweet home. Let us show you the safest and most reliable way to dump your timeshare.

How To Get Rid Of A Timeshare That Is Paid Off

You have paid off your timeshare and are now ready to get rid of it. A timeshare without a loan is a lot easier to sell. The buyer for your timeshare will have one less mental hurdle to get over, “What if they don’t pay off the loan?”. You will also be much more flexible on your selling price and can sell faster. That and much more advice on how to sell your timeshare with the advantage of no loan.

I Want To Dump My Timeshare! What Do I Do?

There are only a few ways to legitimately dump your timeshare and it is best to rely on experts to get it done for you. After all, what could go wrong? Quite a few common mistakes can pop up when selling your timeshare. Here’s how to avoid those mistakes and maximize your benefit!

The Disappearing Timeshare

The con game being played after I bought the time share is just too much to deal with.  The constant calls trying to “upsell” me are annoying. Being beaten up by sales people at the timeshare is not what I went on vacation for! Once I bought the timeshare I thought the pitch was over. I’m going to sell my timeshare.

My Wyndham Timeshare – Cancel it Please!

Cancel the contract you made with Wyndham for your timeshare. Think about this: is it possible the timeshare sales rep made some serious mistakes in representing what he or she sold you? Any promises made that weren’t in writing? Did they tell you the timeshare was a great investment? Easy to trade to go to Hawaii? You can cancel. Here’s how:

Dump That Timeshare! This is not the 1980’s

Loads of timeshare companies claim to be able to get you top dollar for your timeshare by selling it.  Fly by night is not what you want in timeshare advice. It really is a large monetary commitment. Here is some information on the most reliable and trustworthy options to get rid of your timeshare.

How do I get out of a Mexican timeshare contract?

Want to cancel a timeshare contract in Mexico? Are you concerned about clearing all the hurdles it takes to get your timeshare contract cancelled in a foreign country? I admit the process can be intimidating but once you have a handle on the right agency or agencies to contact canceling your timeshare in Mexico is not so hard. Expert advice on international timeshare sales and transfers.

Misrepresentation in a Timeshare Sale

Misrepresentation – getting sold a timeshare that ends up not being what you thought you were buying. You NEED to know what your rights are when it comes to cancelling your timeshare contract. If there was any misrepresentation in your timeshare sale you have several options. Keep reading to see what they are!