Timeshare Dinner – To Go Or Not To Go?

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Ever gotten one of those calls at dinner time? They offer you a free dinner at a local restaurant while they present a seminar on retirement, or timeshare, or flipping houses? The seminar dinner is used by a myriad of businesses providing information, producing sales, and frustrating just about everyone who owns a phone.

There are some events like this that are legit. They will be from a familiar company and have something genuine to offer: information, options, updates and so on.

Timeshare Dinner - Options and Advice

But as I began to look into who are doing these dinners and what the outcomes have been I decided more light needed to be shed on this subject. For like they say, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.”

For example, huge numbers of these events held in restaurants are about investments and insurance. What could be more boring than listening to an insurance presentation over badly cooked chicken? But they offered a gift or some other incentive to get you there so they could sell you something. Being a highly regulated industry, investments and annuities should be given serious thought before making out a check after dessert. You need time to do your due diligence and check these guys out. You may also need to consult with other family members or partners before making a decision. If so, and they push you to decide NOW a huge red flag should go up. Any legitimate offer good today will be good tomorrow. And you would need time to look over any paperwork before signing anything whatsoever.

Another hot topic for dinner seminars is the new and popular flipping houses. You are invited to the dinner with a promise to be shown how to make a fortune buying homes, renovating and selling them. But the time frame is way too short to teach anyone how to do that so they ask you to join their “group” of investors for a mere $30 or $40 thousand dollars and they will do the work for you – later splitting the profits.

Sadly many of those deals end up with your investment turning in to a donation to this scam.

Multi-level marketing has long been a fan of these restaurant events too. Especially the diet industry (see the irony?). The diet and weight loss industry is a $68 billion business. And MLM’s fill restaurants routinely with prospects for their diet programs. Not to go on the diet, but to build their expensive downline income generating machine.

And now the timeshare dinners! There are good ones and there are really bad ones. The bad ones promise things they cannot deliver on and charge a hefty fee to get nothing done. Those are the timeshare scams who feed off of timeshare owners’ desperation to make their maintenance fees go away. Many of them have already tried with no success and spent thousands trying to get it done.

Then there are legitimate timeshare companies who can accomplish the very thing you need – getting out of your timeshare without losing your sanity or your shirt. They have various options in helping you get out of your timeshare. Because not every timeshare or timeshare contract is the same, strategies are tailor made to fit exactly what you need to have done. They usually give you several options for you to pick from and you get money back guarantees.

I wouldn’t go to a timeshare dinner for the meal. I’d go for the information so I could be better informed on how to make the best decision about my timeshare and avoid costly mistakes.

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