Timeshare Deal of the Day – Villas of Sedona!

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Oak Creek Canyon Sedona Arizona

Oak Creek Canyon Sedona Arizona

Today’s most recent timeshare placed on the resale market is Villas of Sedona! This lovely timeshare resort is on the top ten best selling Arizona resort list! Offered at $11,500 this two bedroom timeshare, boasting an experience of four seasons of magnificent beauty, Sedona and the Red Rocks surrounding it offer so much for the family and outdoor enthusiast.

The distinctive red rock formations around Sedona are renowned for their stately beauty, energy, and attraction for travelers.

Villas of Sedona Timeshare Resort

Villas of Sedona Timeshare Resort

Each Red Rock has a name even though little is known when these names originated. For example:  Mother and Child, Chimney Rock, Teapot Rock, Coffeepot Rock, Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, the Mittens, the Cow Pies, twin nuns, the Golden Chiefs, and a few others have been the destination for Arizona vacationers for many many years.

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Sedona with Snow

Top selling Sedona timeshare resorts –Sedona Vacation Club at Los Abrigados, Sedona Summit, Arroyo Roble Resort, Hyatt Pinon Pointe, Ridge on Sedona Golf Resort, Villas at Poco Diablo, Sedona Springs, Villas of Sedona, Sedona Pines Resort, Wyndham Sedona.

While staying in Sedona you should never be lacking for something to do. Area tours include airplane and helicopter tours, ancient Indian ruins, Havasu falls, hot air balloons, jeep tours, wine tasting tours, vortex, and spiritual tours are just a sampling of organized tours available.

Interested in hiking? Here are ALL the trails with links to each trail’s map (courtesy of DreamSedona.com):

Trails Difficulty Length Elevation
A.B. Young #100 Strenuous 2.4 mi. 2,000 ft.
Airport Loop Easy 4.3 Miles 220 ft.
Apache Maid #15 Strenuous 9.5 mi. 2,500 ft.
Bear Mountain #54 Strenuous 2.5 mi. 1,800 ft.
Bell Rock Pathway Easy to Moderate 3.7 Miles 50 ft.
Bell Trail #13 Moderate 11.0 mi. 2,800 ft.
Blodgett Basin Trail #31 Moderate 2.5 mi. 1,600 ft.
Boynton Canyon #47 Easy 2.5 mi. 450 ft.
Brins Mesa #119 Moderate 3.0 mi. 600 ft.
Casner Canyon Trail #11 Moderate to Strenuous 2.0 mi. 1,800 ft.
Casner Mountain Trail #8 Strenuous 7.0 mi. 2,150 ft.
Cathedral Rock Moderate 0.7 Miles 600 ft.
Chimney Rock Pass Moderate 1.0 Miles 150 ft.
Cookstove Trail #143 Moderate to Strenuous 0.7 mi. 800 ft.
Courthouse Butte Loop Moderate 4.2 Miles 250 ft.
Doe Mountain Trail #60 Easy 0.7 mi. 400 ft.
Dogie Trail #116 Moderate to Strenuous 5.4 mi. 1,000 ft.
Fay Canyon Trail #53 Easy 1.1 mi. 150 ft.
Harding Springs Trail #51 Moderate to Strenuous 0.7 mi. 700 ft.
Hot Loop Trail #94 Moderate to Strenuous 9 mi-1 way 2,000 ft.
Jacks Canyon Trail #55 Moderate to Strenuous 6.5 mi. 2,000 ft.
Jordan Trail Moderate 1.5 Miles 200 ft.
Long Canyon Trail #63 More Difficult 9.5 mi. 1,500 ft.
Long Canyon Trail #122 Easy 2.9 mi. 500 ft.
Lower Chimney Rock Easy 1.0 Miles 100 ft.
Loy Canyon Trail #5 Moderate to Strenuous 5.0 mi. 1,700 ft.
Mooney Trail #12 Strenuous 4.2 mi. 1,000 ft.
Parsons Trail #144 Easy 4 mi. 200 ft.
Schnebly Hill Strenuous 1.7 Miles 400 ft.
Secret Canyon Trail #121 Strenuous 5.5 mi. 600 ft.
Soldiers Pass Trail #66 Moderate 2.4 mi. 450 ft.
Sterling Pass Trail #4 Strenuous 2.4 mi. 1,100 ft.
Summit Trail Easy 1.0 Miles 100 ft
Taylor Cabin Trail #35 Very Strenuous 2.3 mi. 1,800 ft.
Teacup Trail Moderate 2.0 Miles 200 ft.
Thomas Point Trail #142 Moderate 1.0 mile 850 ft.
Thunder Mountain Easy 1.0 Miles 50 ft.
Towel Creek Trail #67 Moderate 6.4 mi. 1,500 ft.
Vultec Arch Trail #22 Easy 1.7 mi. 400 ft.
Walker Basin Trail #81 Moderate 8.0 mi. 2,000 ft.
West Clear Creek #17 Moderate 7.7 mi. 2,100 ft.
West Fork Oak Creek #108 Easy 3.0 mi. 150 ft.
Wilson Mountain Trail #10 Strenuous 5.6 mi. 2,400 ft.
North Wilson Trail #123 Strenuous 2.0 mi. 1,450 ft.



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