Cannot Use Your Timeshare? Guess What We Discovered!

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timeshare you cannot use

Are you stuck in a position where you cannot use your timeshare? See if you can relate to this predicament:

Last week, published a news feature about a woman who was very frustrated about her timeshare she cannot use. Her timeshare, Grand Seas Resort, has been closed since September of 2017 when Hurricane Irma caused damages. Her timeshare contract allows her to use the facilities all year and bought it so she could swim. But ever since the hurricane all the amenities of the timeshare have been undergoing repairs.

Exploria Resorts, the timeshare resort management company, has seven other timeshares she could use. But that would only be once every other year for her one week vacation. The other resorts are across Florida, Tennessee, and Missouri and are too far away to use for swimming. And that’s why she bought the Grand Seas timeshare in the first place.

She still has to pay the steep maintenance fee even if she cannot use the pool.

It might soften the blow if Exploria Resorts stayed in touch with the timeshare owners more efficiently. So far they have sent two emails giving an update on repairs. Everybody knows that email can get lost in spam, accidentally deleted or just overlooked. Hence she has no recourse, no alternate plan, and a bill that will not go away.

This is only one real life example of the many situations where you cannot use your timeshare.

Let’s look at the typical timeshare buyer and see if we can find what keeps going wrong. According to the experts, the average timeshare owner is a married couple, in their 40’s, two children, both spouses work. They vacation two weeks a year and are able to plan their vacations in advance.

As the children grow they get tired of the same location. Before long they are off to college or the military and leave an empty nest. Someone has a job change that makes planning a vacation impossible. Someone loses a job. Someone’s health changes such that they can’t travel. Divorce. Disability. The list is seriously long. The bottom line is that life changes. Thus many find they cannot use their timeshare. Using a timeshare for vacations worked before but now it just does not work. Now you have a timeshare you cannot use.

What do we do with things we can no longer use? We give it away, sell it, or throw it away.

If have a timeshare you cannot use you need to sell your timeshare or give it away. Throw away your timeshare? Some of us wish it were that easy!

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